Sandy’s Online Solutions

Exceptional, proactive, reliable Tech VA services.

Tech VA

Technology…it’s in my DNA!

Dubsado workflows, Zapier integration, Jotform setup, ActiveCampaign and MailChimp campaigns & landing pages, BambooHR setup, Google Analytics, SEO research, Course Creation, etc.

Podcast Production

I will upload to your host site, create Show Notes, and schedule for  distribution. Have a new Podcast? I will set up your host site, too! Don’t forget about creating specific episode players to use on your website.

Website Maintenace

WordPress and SquareSpace websites.
Monthly package rates available.

Maintenance like check on back-ups,
update plug-ins, add new pages, upload blog posts or podcast details, etc.


Documenting your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can help to bring on extra help and scale your business. Hand off instructions and breath a sigh of relief.

Step by Step Instructions

Have some specialty items developed just for you or your clients?

I create easy-to-understand manuals to help clients or staff.


But wait....there's more!

I love to edit and proofread blog posts for clarity and readability. Mix in a little Teachable course creation, too. I have a broad “tool belt” of skills!

Working with Sandy has been an absolute game-changer!

Working with Sandy has been an absolute game-changer for my blog and website. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and proactive approach have significantly elevated the quality of my content and streamlined various processes.

Her expertise and dedication have not only saved me time but also helped my platform grow. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to enhance their online presence.

Dr. Patricia Tibbs
Pediatrician and Blogger
Conversations on Mothering

Done on time and better than I imagined.

Sandy was my first real “hire”. It was amazing that I could outline my vision, and she made it real.

I didn’t have to worry about checking in on her. If she had questions, she let me know. Things were done on time, and usually better than I had imagined.

Cory Morris
Morris Better Bookkeeping

Sandy has been a lifesaver for my business.

She has helped me get organized, automated, procedures documented, and tons of other odds & ends which enabled my business to be ready for our next hire.

She’s a fast learner and willing to tackle practically anything. If she doesn’t know something, she’s always willing to research and learn more. And she’s a great sounding board when I need to bounce ideas off of.

I’m so glad I found her!

Katie Redman
Redman Accounting Solutions LLC

I'm so glad I found Sandy!

I am so grateful to have found Sandy early, when my business first began.

She has been an integral part of my business. I honestly don’t think it would have survived without her. 

I’m so glad I found Sandy!

Lauren Spigelmyer
The Behavior Hub

I'm looking forward to working with her for a long time to come.

Sandy helped me for 6 months with some challenging tasks, with very little guidance from me.  She has taken the lead to dig in, understand these complex issues and created her own solutions that worked!

Exceptional, proactive and reliable are exactly the words I would use to describe Sandy, and I’m looking forward to working with her for a long time to come.

Mark David McCreary
Internet Tools, Inc.

Sandy applies creativity and logic that delivers results.

Sandy is gifted. She has the ability to thoroughly assess a project quickly and apply a blend of creativity and logic that delivers results.

Terri Grulke, Director of Advertising
Besser Company

Simply put, Sandy specializes in “getting things done.”

Online platforms, much like smart phone technology have shocking short life spans before the new “latest and greatest” hits the market. It is easy to get seduced by the idea the latest platform will allow us to surmount the growing mountain of work. I suggest a solution, look for a person who can get “the message to Garcia” without micromanagement. In our 80/20 (or 90/10) world this person has never been rarer but more essential. Sandy Schultz is part of this shrinking 10%.

 In our industry, “specialization” is commonly used as a crutch to avoid accountability in most matters. This does not hold true to Sandy. Her specialization is in accomplishing tasks and holding herself accountable for her work. Her ability to adapt, have self-awareness (read: be humble), and not make excuses have allowed her to excel where many have failed or worse…never tried.

Simply put, Sandy specializes in “getting things done.” She is a modern day Rowan and someone EVERYONE wants on their team.

Adam Hitch, Branch Manager
Northern Industrial Supply / Weimer Bearing

She thinks outside the box.

I have worked with Sandy for several years when she was an employee of Besser Company. She was someone I could get answers or assistance from when trying to figure out workflow or improvements in the Business system, even when it was outside of her department.

She was one who would think outside the box to find a solution or an improvement. Her skillset is missed.

Brian Campau, Owner
BC Computing, Inc.

Her advice and direction is taken like that from a trusted friend.

I have had Business to Business dealings with Sandy for over 15 years. Sandy’s best strength that I enjoy is her view of partnership. She always treats me and my company as a valuable partner.

Her advice and direction is taken like that from a trusted friend. This culture has resulted in quicker growth and higher sales for my company. Sandy is a great partner!

Bill Kleinsorge, Sales Engineer
JEM Fluid Power

She will be honest and trustworthy with anything you ask her to do

I have worked with Sandy for 20+ years. She was my main contact at the company she last worked. She not only was outstanding in answering any of my questions in a timely manner but was also very easy to work with.

In all the years we worked together, we not only had a business relationship but developed a friendship that included sharing in our joyous moments and the not-so-joyous moments. Sandy is definitely someone who is great at what she does and is one of the hardest-working people I know. She will be honest and trustworthy with anything you ask her to do and will always get the job done on time.

Tanya White, Account Manager
All State Fastener Corporation

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